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editrice bonechi  

A family story

Casa Editrice Bonechi came into being in 1973, developing from the old family business already specialised in Italian tourist guides. The ambitious idea behind the new company was to extend this expertise and produce guides to international destinations. It was the period when independent travel was developing, the number of tourist resorts was increasing, long distance travel and new destinations came into being – mass tourism had arrived.

Bonechi worldwide

In just ten years Bonechi had become a world leader in the field of tourist publishing, with branches in Paris and Cairo and publications distributed in the foremost destinations of every continent. Today the catalogue includes more than 500 titles covering 32 countries and cities throughout the world, translated into 25 languages; further specializations include local wines, gastronomy, art and history and studies on Tuscan life.

Bonechi and its companies

The keys to the success of Bonechi and its associated companies are direct control at every stage in the production process (planning, production, distribution) and the maintenance of high standards in every publishing project. Books are created in-house and are updated every two to three years with photos taken by specialized professionals. The texts are written by scholars, archaeologists, and art historians who have visited and are personally familiar with the localities described and who are skilled in presenting the places, history and monuments both intelligently and interestingly, recounting unusual facts and stories. The guides are illustrated with photos, drawings and architectural cross sections in the company’s editorial offices in Via Cairoli in Florence. The many language editions are the work mother-tongue translators.
Lastly, Bonechi’s own printers guarantee a high standard of printing.